About us

A little background on the Team: The team was formed by 4 fathers - Nate, George, Tony and Pat back in 2016. The four men entered their boys in 3 on 3 tournaments as 2nd graders. Conversations were had amongst the fathers and PDX Ballers was formed the next year! Since then the boys have won championships after championships reigning in recognition from other cities like, Seattle, Spokane, Salt Lake City, Vegas, and Boise. The boys have always played in their grade division and a GRADE HIGHER, for appropriate competition. This was a risky move as coaches but they knew the skill set and potential each player possessed. The accolades are the proof of the hard work and dedication each player puts into their game and these fathers/coaches are not an easy bunch to please. Every practice is set up to teach, perfect, condition, adjust, and build a champion team!

Today the club consist of 3 teams (Two 7th Grade and a 6th Grade) ages 10-13 years old, coached by George, Nate, Milton and Benjamin

Big Tournaments Wins

Adidas Presidents’ Day National Championship 2017

The League Utah 2018

Vegas Big Foot Easter Showdown 2018

Las Vegas classic Jam On it 2018

Washington State Championship 2018

MLK Seattle 2018

Adidas G365 Classic Portland 2018

Adidas G365 Invitational PNW 2018

Nike Rose City Showcase 2018

Seattle Stars Classic 2019

Nike Rose City Showcase 2019

MLK Seattle 2019

Adidas G365 Pacific Northwest Qualifier II 2019

Adidas G365 Invitational PNW 2019

MLK Seattle 2020

Bridge City Invitational 2021

G365 Fall Emerald City Classic 2021

Hoopsource National Presidents day 2022

Over 50 local HoopSource and other tournament championships within the Pacific Northwest-PDX BALLERS were recognized on multiple syndicated websites. Have been ranked #1 in the NW on G365 for the past 2 1/2 years.

Currently ranked #3 in the West Coast.

We’ve been ranked top 10 on the West Coast multiple times